No One Can Do It Alone; I Need Your Help!

Hi Write Impact,
Every life tells a story. Every story plays a unique role in God's grand plan of redemption. From a cold jail cell in Yugoslavia to freedom in sunny Australia, God was preparing to use my story in ways I could never imagine.
On Tuesday, April 12th my new book, Defector: A True Story of Tyranny, Liberty and Purposewill bereleased by Elevate Publishing. Defector points to a God who has used ordinary people in extraordinary ways over and over, illustrating that no life is too small or trivial to matter. It is sure to inspire the nonbeliever, invigorate the believer and remind us all that to God, every single life matters.
In order to make Defector successful, it will need word-of-mouth recommendations from trusted people. I am writing to ask you to get the word out on my behalf leading up to the release and beyond. I've made a list of 4 things that will help make the book launch successful.
1. Promote the book.
Promote the book with just One Click. Go to and under  "Share it On" click on one, or all, of your social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+. You can also email it to other people. Share on your social media and use the hashtag #DefectorBook If you blog, consider writing something that connects to Defector book. The week of April 12th will be our biggest push. 

To read a Sample, Download Our Press Kit
2. Write a Review on Amazon
This is one of the most important and easiest things you can do to boost the popularity of Defector. Write a positive review on Amazon. It doesn't need to be lengthy — a paragraph will be great. Here's how it works: go to on/after the release day, April 12th. Under "Customer Reviews" click on "Write a customer review" and enter your review. A successful book needs 20-30 reviews.
3. Use your network
Encourage your friends with social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc) to promote Defector book on the network and include the website mentioning the hashtag #DefectorBook
Purchase the book for your church and give it away to the staff, leaders and volunteers to motivate them in their service. Make any other efforts to get the word out and promote the book.
4. Buy the book.
Obviously, I hope you'll buy the book. Some will go a step further and buy the book in bulk. Churches represent one of the biggest markets for the message of this book, especially those who desire to see every believer engaged in the mission of God.
I'm hoping that many will commit to buying 25-100 copies and that others can commit to even larger orders. The larger the order, the deeper the discount. Click here to buy the book in bulk for a significant discount.

Thank you so much for your love and support. I appreciate you greatly!
Mark Hobafcovich
Atlanta, Ga

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