Montreal Pastors' Conference attendee gives his life to Christ

MONTREAl, Quebec: April 10, 2014 -- "When was it last time that a Christian leadership conference was the place ware you can lead someone to Christ" asked Francois Verschelden, a church planter/pastor with Connexion Church in Montreal? That's what happened at the pastors' luncheon hosted by NAMB in Montreal on April 10, in preparation for the Send North America Experience Tour that will take place on July 3, 2014 in Toronto where David Platt will emphasize the message "Your Life on Mission Matters". Michel Dufour of Montreal was invited by a friend of a friend and encouraged to register for the luncheon. At first he was reluctant since he's not a pastor but got the courage to come not knowing that this will be the greatest decision that he'll make, where he will be greeted and will land at a table where during the time of prayer that was slated in the program, he will share about himself and Fady Nouneh of Laval Community Church in Montreal realizing that Michel is not a believer, shared the gospel message with him and challenged him to give his life to Christ. He responded in faith and professed Christ as his savior. "I will disciple Michel now and train him to do the same with other people" responded Francois Verschelden who's taking the responsibility of helping Michel in the process of discipleship and connect him with one of the small discipleship groups that Connexion Church has in the community. "To see a movement of God, we need to lower the altitude of engagement where ordinary believers, sitting in chairs and pews will get to live their life on mission sharing their faith and making disciples where they live, work and play" said Mark Hobafcovich of NAMB challenging the leaders present  at the luncheon in Montreal. 
Mark Hobafcovich is a mobilization special at NAMB  and can be contacted by email:; Twitter: @JohnMarkGlobal. To mobilize believers and help them being trained, become a Group Leader for #Send2015. Register here: